HM Armed Forces Jewish Community

Since 2008 Ego Kippot is supplying suede yarmulkes for the British Armed Forces Jewish Community: Red suede for the Army’s, Navy Blue suede for the Royal Navy’s, Light Blue suede for the Royal Air Force’s and Purple suede for the chaplaincy’s Jewish soldiers. But the interesting thing is the image printed on the kippot.

Historical cap badge gets new lease of life

WW1 Jewish battalions of the Royal FusiliersThe Armed Forces Jewish community now has a logo of its very own. The new badge, which has been licensed with the Ministry of Defence, is based on the ‘Menorah’ cap badge of the WW1 Jewish battalions of the Royal Fusiliers.
Permission to use the badge has been granted by the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the regiment has expressed its delight that its long association with the Jewish community is being perpetuated in this way.
Col Martin Newman, vice chairman of the Jewish Committee for HM Forces and a Fusilier, said: “It is totally appropriate that the menorah badge is given a new lease of life in this way.
In addition to the three Jewish Battalions of the Royal Fusiliers, the Lancashire Fusiliers also recruited extensively from the Jewish areas of Manchester and Salford. It will now be proudly displayed by Jewish members of all the services.” Lapel badges and yarmulkes depicting the new design are in production and will be available soon for purchase. Thanks go to graphic designer Steven Ross of Manchester for producing the finished artwork.

Red suede for the Army  Purple suede for the chaplaincy  Blue suede for the Royal Air Force  Navy Blue suede for the Royal Navy

A letter from Col. Newman:

British Army Col. Martin Newman


September 17, 2008Dear Ugo,
We’ve put your ad in the magazine which will come out next week before yom tov.
I am using the story on the Jewish Brigade in the pre-Pesach issue. As soon as I get it, I will post one on to you but will also send you a pdf version. 
The troops love the Kippot. Thank you. The Association of Jewish Ex servicemen will be in touch soon as they want to order some.
Have a peaceful and successful new year – shona tovah.