Egokippot Yarmulkes with names are suede or satin skullcaps which are personalized by painting names in Hebrew and/or English over one or more panels of the yarmulke.

This  is our most common and less expensive personalization option for yamulkes when you need to order a bunch of yarmalkes, as example for your kids, nieces or nephews, for everyday use at school, at the Talmud Torah or at the shul.
The names on yarmulkes are painted using Tulip™ fabric paint. Usually we paint the names in sparkling colors, like gold or silver, or blue sometimes, and we choose the color according to what we think best fits the yarmulke color. However of course you can let us know your name color preference – just leave a note during the checkout process in the shopping cart.

Yarmulkes with Names are available in single or bulk orders. However if you are looking for bar mitzvah or wedding yarmulkes, your best solution is Printed kippot.

Yarmulkes with Names painted on top

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Hebrew names:

Sometimes customers ask to paint just a name, in Hebrew or English, while sometimes we are asked to paint names in both languages. If you want to order a yarmulka with an English and a Hebrew name, but you don’t know the Hebrew name, you can ask us to transliterate it phonetically in Hebrew letters.

Quantity Discount Price List

More yarmulkes you order more you save!

Order quantity Satin
Colors: White, Black, Peach, Blue, Dark Blue, Fuxia, Champagne
Suede Standard Colors:
Black, Gray, Off White, Brown, Dark Blue, Ochre
Suede Vivid Colors:
Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Green, Bordeaux
Just 1 60 ILS 70 ILS 77 ILS
2 to 5 33 ILS 43 ILS 49 ILS
6 to 15 15 ILS 25 ILS 31 ILS
16 to 50 9 ILS 19 ILS 25 ILS
51 to 100 7 ILS 17 ILS 23 ILS
101 and more 6 ILS 16 ILS 22 ILS

Prices are in ILS (Israeli Shekels)

“Fond memories” is the secret reason why a Jew wears a yarmulke. See the video below:

In case you want to know more on yamulkes you can also read What Is a Kippah? All About Kippot and Yarmulkes.