A Painted Kippa is the perfect choice for large designs that encompass more than just one panel or section of the kippah. These exclusive skullcaps are affectionately known as the “Cadillacs of the Kippa World,” due to the level of skill, expertise and the amount of time required to create such objets d’art.

Therefore, the prices are determined accordingly and can range between $20.00 and $150.00.

Our Painted Kippas are not available in bulk orders. If you are looking for bar mitzvah or wedding Kippas, a more cost-effective option is the Printed Kippot.

If you do not yet have a specific design in mind, have a look at our Painted Kippa Gallery for ideas, or let’s get creative together and share with us your painted kippa design ideas!

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Painted kippa

Watch this video and learn how to paint your own Google Chrome kippa:

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