Our most popular item is the Printed Kippah. Check out the Printed Kippot Gallery and you will see why!  At Ego-Kippot, we will print any image on your Kippot!
Since 2003 our quality, digital personalized kippot have taken so many simchas from average to amazing – as you can see from our customer Testimonials.

  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Bat Mitzvah
  • Wedding Parties
  • Baby Naming Ceremony/Brit Milah

Do you have your own ideas for Printed Kippot? Great! Send your digital image along (better if good quality) and we’ll create a personalized yarmulke according to your specifications. On the other hand, perhaps you have a concept in mind but cannot locate the exact image. No problem! Our resourceful team of artistes is happy to seek out or create the design for you!  Whatever the case may be, we go above and beyond to ensure our graphics meet and exceed your expectations.
As always, our Printed Kippot are available for single or bulk orders.

Printing options:

Add as many images as you like to your Printed Kippot! Simply indicate your preferences on the order form and leave the rest to us. Besides a printed digital image, you may request either the addition of sparkly painted names for your Personalized Kippot.

Printed Kippot with Digital Images

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Satin Colors: White, Black, Peach, Blue, Dark Blue, Fuxia, Champagne

Suede Standard Colors: Black, Gray, Off White, Brown, Dark Blue, Ochre

Suede Vivid Colors: Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Green, Bordeaux

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See the Printed Kippot Gallery

Printed Kippot Here is an example of a printed kippah with just one image
Text image printed on the back side of a kippah This is a kippah with text printed on the back panel
Names painted on printed kippot Here, we have a mixed-media kippah upon which both the printed and the painted name techniques are applied
Several images printed on the same kippah On this kippah, each of the four panels displays a different image

Printed Kippot Prices:

Our Printed Kippot have fixed volume discount prices, so the more you order, the more you save!

Prices are determined in the shopping cart according to:

  • Kippot quantity (with same printing)
  • Number of images (1-4)
  • Add-on text
  • Add-on painted Name

Quantity Discount Price List

Here kippot including just one printed image

N. of kippot with the same print Satin Colors:
White, Black, Peach, Blue, Dark Blue, Fuxia, Champagne
Suede Standard Colors:
Black, Gray, Off White, Brown, Dark Blue, Ochre
Suede Vivid Colors:
Red, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Green, Bordeaux
1 83 ILS 94 ILS 99 ILS
2 -5 48 ILS 58 ILS 64 ILS
6 – 15 20 ILS 30 ILS 36 ILS
16 – 50 11 ILS 21 ILS 27 ILS
51 – 100 6 ILS 16 ILS 22 ILS
101 and more 5 ILS 15 ILS 21 ILS

Prices are in ILS (Israeli Shekels)

Amazing: 3D printed kippot – is this the personalized kipot future?